An Old City, Czech Republic by Laurel Benjamin

An Old CityCzech Republicby Laurel Benjamin I’m standing on a street corner in an old city after darkwhere no one appears after midnight—no couples arm in arm coming from a drinking spot,no bicyclists, no streetcars. A black dog enters the street, dragging his ownerwho struggles to hold strands of other dogs,and with one hand steersContinue reading “An Old City, Czech Republic by Laurel Benjamin”

I Have Seen Terezín by Andrena Zawinski

I Have Seen Terezínby Andrena Zawinski (from Frankie’s on the Divisadero in San Franciscoafter Friedl Dicker-Brandeis’“Untitled, 1944, Terezin”) The sign at Frankie’s Bohemian Cafe reads 6,303 miles to Prague.Inside a shadowed corner I have brambory, rough bread, Pilsner—the same way I did in the sleepy Bohemian border town of Terezín.I still hear from here mothers’Continue reading “I Have Seen Terezín by Andrena Zawinski”

The Prague Astronomical Clock by Jonathan Fink

The Prague Astronomical Clock by Jonathan Fink Inside, it must resemble a great churning mouth, the three co-axial wheels, all with nearly 400 cogs. Ignore the trinkets and pawns, the puppet apostles that march but on the hour, the tiny skeleton striking the chimes. They all are additions, centuries late, to pacify travelers on theContinue reading “The Prague Astronomical Clock by Jonathan Fink”

I Am Reminded When Thinking by Andrena Zawinski

I Am Reminded When Thinkingby Andrena Zawinski“Prague doesn’t let go. This little mother has claws.”  Franz Kafka I am reminded, almost as if in whispersby weathered house plaques on backstreetsof Prague, that behind the damp and mustywalls, those of some importance once must have invented themselves above the rest of us herewho, ordinary, press ourContinue reading “I Am Reminded When Thinking by Andrena Zawinski”

PRAGUE SYMPHONY by Terrence Sykes

PRAGUE SYMPHONY by Terrence Sykes Prelude beech forests poplar meadows chestnut groves dusty roads slice fallowed fields birch embroidering streams through fog & mist amongst the stars almond & apricot lanterns papier-mâché poppy cosmos cling upon & amongst planets & moons beyond below descent & ascent confined by rail slats lullabied & cradled alone alongContinue reading “PRAGUE SYMPHONY by Terrence Sykes”