Missing My Father in Iceland by Robert Coats

Missing My Father in Iceland by Robert Coats We could have hiked together at Ϸingvellir into the cleft between parting tectonic plates, you with khaki rucksack and rock hammer explaining your work on the Aleutian volcanoes, and how twisted outcrops form when basalt flows into a subglacial lake. I could have told you how theContinue reading “Missing My Father in Iceland by Robert Coats”

Volcanism by Jónas Þorbjarnarson

Volcanism  by Jónas Þorbjarnarson (1960-2012) Translation by Bernard Scudder We are the ever-changing earth always taking shape new maps immediately misleading new upheavals I was someone and then I met you. . . people change each other even cause eruptions within each other for deep down we are kindled, determined by all kinds of magmaticContinue reading “Volcanism by Jónas Þorbjarnarson”

Iceland, Summer by Rafaella Del Bourgo

Iceland, Summer by Rafaella Del Bourgo Returning to the apartment I rented in Reykjavik, I drive west past the fishing village of Hofn, its channel to be navigated with care due to the shifting patterns of the shoals. The rocking boats, and the seafarers, safe, for now, in the harbor. To the edge of Jokulsarlon,Continue reading “Iceland, Summer by Rafaella Del Bourgo”

Bread Soup: An Old Icelandic Recipe by Bill Holm

Bread Soup: An Old Icelandic Recipe by Bill Holm Start with the square heavy loaf steamed a whole day in a hot spring until the coarse rye, sugar, yeast grow dense as a black hole of bread. Let it age and dry a little, then soak the old loaf for a day in warm waterContinue reading “Bread Soup: An Old Icelandic Recipe by Bill Holm”