Midnight and Thirty-Two Maharajahs Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India by Graham Wood

Midnight and Thirty-Two MaharajahsJodhpur, Rajasthan, Indiaby Graham Wood     For Rosemary Midnight, and thirty-two maharajahslook down from the family pedigree,corralled above you while you sleep.On the mantel, a clock ticks in quietsyncopation with your breathing—tomorrow and our departure edgetheir way towards the dawn.Here, this nightyou’ve notched up fifty yearsserene in sleep below these royal ghosts,oblivious of theirContinue reading “Midnight and Thirty-Two Maharajahs Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India by Graham Wood”

The Jain Bird Hospital in Delhi by William Meredith

The Jain Bird Hospital in Delhiby William Meredith Outside the hotel window, unenlightened pigeonsweave and dive like Stukas on their prey,apparently some tiny insect brother.(In India, the attainment of nonviolenceis considered a proper goal for human beings.)If one of the pigeons should fly into the illusion of my window and survive (the body is noContinue reading “The Jain Bird Hospital in Delhi by William Meredith”

Train to Agra by Vandana Khanna

Train to Agra by Vandana Khanna I want to reach you— in that city where the snow only shimmers silver for a few hours. It has taken seventeen years. This trip, these characters patterned in black ink, curves catching on the page like hinges, this weave of letters fraying like the lines on my palm,Continue reading “Train to Agra by Vandana Khanna”