Somewhere Near the Medicine Wheel by Ken Hartke

Somewhere Near the Medicine Wheel by Ken Hartke It was somewhere near the Medicine Wheel that we knew our lives had changed. A commitment had formed, a bond unspoken, that remained that way for months to come. Unsaid but forged strong for a lifetime. Silent. We were afraid to spoil it in those days ofContinue reading “Somewhere Near the Medicine Wheel by Ken Hartke”

From “Love Poem for Robin” by Michael Mirarchi

From “Love Poem for Robin” by Michael Mirarchi I. 36.09678, -112.11041 It’s sunset on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, which, with patient effort, was carved 6,000 feet deep by the Colorado River some five million years ago. We stare into the abyss, me through binoculars, you through your camera. Gently, I touch yourContinue reading “From “Love Poem for Robin” by Michael Mirarchi”

We Have Traveled Here by Andrena Zawinski

We Have Traveled Here Le Tréport de la Mer, Normandie by Andrena Zawinski All along the line these villages blossom with poppies, sheep and ponies graze backyards, the cows are down for rain. And a couple poses tied up in lacy bows among the jonquil and nasturtium for photographers on their wedding day as weContinue reading “We Have Traveled Here by Andrena Zawinski”

Isis at Caroni by Robert Bensen

Isis at Caroni Caroni Bird Sanctuary, Trinidad   for Derek Walcott by Robert Bensen The outboard, tuned a tight tenor, ponged like a thin metallic bird trailing us through centuries of mangroves propped on stilts over the still canal. Our guide, an Indian named Nanan, lost me with every turn of his wrist down everyContinue reading “Isis at Caroni by Robert Bensen”

A Culinary Tour of Genova, 1989 by Christian Ward

A Culinary Tour of Genova, 1989 by Christian Ward Stepping out of the car, wild pomegranates, full as pepper grinders, greet me. Tonight, Spaghetti Con Cozze. Tomorrow, I will help Nonno carry steaming tin foil pans of Focaccia Con Formaggio from the trattoria, their strands of melted stracchino always making spaghetti jealous. Another day, IContinue reading “A Culinary Tour of Genova, 1989 by Christian Ward”

Behind Bull Island by DS Maolalai 

Behind Bull Island by DS Maolalai it’s incredible; low tides rolling out behind bull island. a thick duvet being pulled off a bed. and if you don’t look often, you expect just rocks and crabs scuttling — instead of this sloping mess and gently jagged green, like somebody’s broken and thrown away a pool table.Continue reading “Behind Bull Island by DS Maolalai “

Lariano Sleeping by Frances Roberts

Lariano Sleeping by Frances Roberts Through the metal bars of fencing green as the plants within a view of late Autumn harvest: rosemary in flower, olives and vivid capsicum, a small bay tree flourishing, melons, lettuce, parsley, rocket, whirling spirals of mating insects, figs and lemons weighing down the branches of stubborn old trees…. squatContinue reading “Lariano Sleeping by Frances Roberts”