A Culinary Tour of Genova, 1989 by Christian Ward

A Culinary Tour of Genova, 1989 by Christian Ward Stepping out of the car, wild pomegranates, full as pepper grinders, greet me. Tonight, Spaghetti Con Cozze. Tomorrow, I will help Nonno carry steaming tin foil pans of Focaccia Con Formaggio from the trattoria, their strands of melted stracchino always making spaghetti jealous. Another day, IContinue reading “A Culinary Tour of Genova, 1989 by Christian Ward”

Tasting Lucca by Joan Leotta

Tasting Luccaby Joan Leotta Humming Puccini, wewalk the wide path on topof Lucca’s circular walluntil we reach the market steps.I descend to buy red beans, farro,Parmigiano, tomatoes, pancetta.In our apartment,I blend and magnifyflavors with a bit of thyme.As our soup simmers,the aroma transports us frommodern Lucca to its days as aconquered Etruscan outpost ofRome, soldiersContinue reading “Tasting Lucca by Joan Leotta”