Isla Negra by Lorraine Caputo

Isla Negra by Lorraine Caputo Sunset On the pale jade horizon             clouds shield a retreating sun Nebulous rose brushes the still-             blue heaven above In this dying light shimmers             a mother-of-pearl sea She swells sea-green             heaving         leaping                         over boulders Thin fingers of water reach between             leaving their prints of                         golden foam Then the water swiftlyContinue reading “Isla Negra by Lorraine Caputo”

Impressions en Plein Air by Andrena Zawinski

Impressions en Plein Air (From Flight 2199, regarding Monet) by Andrena Zawinski Far above the street scene graffiti of Paris, I think of you, Monet, from the air up here flying this sea foam sky, a shelf of waves against a floor of mist breaking open in patches of blue and white. And I, likeContinue reading “Impressions en Plein Air by Andrena Zawinski”

Gjirokastër Stroll by Norma Wightman

Gjirokastër Stroll by Norma Wightman Workmen hammer the limestone chunks, fitting them tightly into a new walkway. Wheelbarrows of stone and sand stand helter-skelter among workmen as they bend to their labors. They scarcely take notice as tourists weave around the construction to reach shops beckoning with carpets, crochet work, and carvings. I watch theContinue reading “Gjirokastër Stroll by Norma Wightman”

The German Hotel by Charles Bukowski

The German Hotel by Charles Bukowski the German hotel was very strange and expensive and had double doors to the rooms, very thick doors, and it over— looked the park and the vasser tern and in the mornings it was usually too late for breakfast and the maids would be everywhere changing sheets and bringingContinue reading “The German Hotel by Charles Bukowski”

At Ease in Tarragona by Margaret Koger

At Ease in Tarragona by Margaret Koger I’m barefoot, standing on wet sand as waves froth white at my ankles. I tug my strapless a little higher as others exult au naturel in the sun. I wait for the Med to lift me. The man I’ve come lately to love shed his fear of nakedContinue reading “At Ease in Tarragona by Margaret Koger”

One Place in New England by David P.Miller

One Place in New England by David P. Miller to Charles Ives and his symphonic cataclysm The trumpets and drums of “Putnam’s Camp” topple over each other in a race toward high- steppin’ small-town holiday promenade and its irresistible brass detonation. “The Housatonic at Stockbridge”: an immersed orchestral mass, recollected river swelling from flow andContinue reading “One Place in New England by David P.Miller”

Remembering to Ask by Carolyn Chilton Casas

Remembering to Ask by Carolyn Chilton Casas Returning to Arcos de la Frontera, after driving through white hill towns of southern Spain— Ubrique, Grazalema, silent for siesta Zahara de la Sierra, it is dusk as we enter the city gates. Winding streets coil back and forth around the city’s hillside. Most barely allow one-way passage,Continue reading “Remembering to Ask by Carolyn Chilton Casas”

Setia by James Penha

Setia by James Penha Somewhere between Melak and Tanjung Isuy along Borneo’s Mahakam River we entered the house of an old fisherman. He led us into a sitting room divided by a short board fence protecting a shallow pool of water where, against the wall, beneath a crucifix of black ironwood, steeped a crocodile, peacefullyContinue reading “Setia by James Penha”