Clochán an Aifir by Robert Lima

Clochán an Aifir by Robert Lima Up north, abiding by the Irish-Scottish Sea of Moyle on long-stretched land that’s curved along a cove, the tides pay homage to huge basaltic stones on land that form a roadway from the cliffs into the sea, their multi-side hexagons and other varied shapes, having a dark sheen, brilliantContinue reading “Clochán an Aifir by Robert Lima”

Setia by James Penha

Setia by James Penha Somewhere between Melak and Tanjung Isuy along Borneo’s Mahakam River we entered the house of an old fisherman. He led us into a sitting room divided by a short board fence protecting a shallow pool of water where, against the wall, beneath a crucifix of black ironwood, steeped a crocodile, peacefullyContinue reading “Setia by James Penha”

Syracuse at Dusk by Frances Daggar Roberts

Syracuse at Duskby Frances Daggar Roberts Seated at art-glass tablesby the muted tug of sea…lights across the bayand the feeling of centuriespreceding us.Battered bases to the buildingssome as old as Grecian conquest.Rough cobbled stonesand the evening stroll of families.Wine in our glasses slowly sipped. PHOTO: Fountain of Arethusa, Syracuse, Sicily, Italy. Photo by Luca NContinue reading “Syracuse at Dusk by Frances Daggar Roberts”

Often I Imagine the Earth by Dan Gerber

Often I Imagine the Earthby Dan Gerber Often I imagine the earththrough the eyes of the atoms we’re made of—atoms, peculiaratoms everywhere—no me, no you, no opinions,no beginning, no middle, no end,soaring together like thoseancient Chinese birdshatched miraculously with only one wing,helping each other fly home. IMAGE: “Jian birds” from Sancai Tuhui, an encyclopedia compiledContinue reading “Often I Imagine the Earth by Dan Gerber”