The Narrow Houses of Amsterdam by Megan Sexton

The Narrow Houses of Amsterdamby Megan Sexton To get to them, think in circles,think of the skinny streets of dreams,of paintings before the discovery of perspective,before the first Baedeker was written,roving at dusk, then midnightalong rows of café shelved like antique books;think past the narrow houses of Amsterdam,first spring, then summer, in a toy city,aContinue reading “The Narrow Houses of Amsterdam by Megan Sexton”

Amsterdam (excerpt) by Megan Fernandes

Amsterdam (excerpt)by Megan Fernandes Sometimes the mythologies of a city are true—like when I see a blond man bob for red applesin the street selling records side by side with a black catwound in a cushion, deep in dream. Josh sayshe does not want to go see Anne Frank, that this kind of tourismdepresses him,Continue reading “Amsterdam (excerpt) by Megan Fernandes”

Fragment 9: The Netherlands by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Fragment 9: The Netherlandsby Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772-1834) Water and windmills, greenness, Islets green;—Willows whose trunks beside the shadows stoodOf their own higher half, and willowy swamp:—Farmhouses that at anchor seem’d—in the inland skyThe fog-transfixing spiresWater, wide water, greenness and green banks,And water seen— PHOTO: Kinderdijk, Netherlands. Photo by Giuseppe Bandiera on Unsplash. NOTE: KinderdijkContinue reading “Fragment 9: The Netherlands by Samuel Taylor Coleridge”