Binghamton Lights by Julene Waffle

Binghamton Lightsby Julene Waffle From the outskirts of the city,before the street lights and electric billboardsstop The Milky Way at street level,cell phone and radio towersshimmer, like the Seven Dwarfs’ mine,illumined by sweat and hard work,all rubies and diamonds, stark againstthe cold night sky. Darkness has settled in and covers the factory graysof old shoeContinue reading “Binghamton Lights by Julene Waffle”

Captiva by Cathy Barber

Captivaby Cathy Barber Herons and egrets land below our balcony.White pelicans brush the waterin that half-V formationthey seem to have half-copied from Canada geese.From our porch, we relish the day-long silence,dotted only by a fish’s flopor an osprey’s single shriek.Our quiet ends just before sunset,when charter boats motor into the bay.The boats are jampacked withContinue reading “Captiva by Cathy Barber”

Alberta Bound by Michael Lee Johnson

Alberta Bound by Michael Lee Johnson   I own a gate to this prairiethat ends facing the Rocky Mountains.They call it Alberta—trails of endless blue skyasylum of endless winters,hermitage of indolent retracted sun.Deep freeze drips haphazardly into spring.Drumheller, dinosaur badlands, dried bones,ancient hoodoos sculpt high, prairie toadstools.Alberta highway 2 opens the gateway of endless miles.Travel weary, I stopContinue reading “Alberta Bound by Michael Lee Johnson”

Towers loom by Patrick T. Reardon

Towers loom by Patrick T. Reardon Loop towers loom behind their gleam, and I can take you to the parking lot just off Dearborn Street where the Mayor and reporters went down into unflooded freight tunnels (although that lot is likely gone now, 26 years later). Alex and I drove south to north from city border to cityContinue reading “Towers loom by Patrick T. Reardon”

In an Orchard on Thanksgiving by David Weiss

In an Orchard on Thanksgiving by David Weiss We walked out among the spurs of the apple trees, mending our lives behind with our life ahead. Moonlight lit the frost that was stiffening the field. A brook spoke for us mixing milky, metallic sounds. We picked the last apple off a tree, shared its white,Continue reading “In an Orchard on Thanksgiving by David Weiss”

Thanksgiving Night, Old Town, Portland, Oregon by J.P. White

Thanksgiving Night, Old TownPortland, Oregonby J.P. White Look at this puffing city nightthat never stops to count itselfbroken into coins.What grammatical constructiondo you and I know by heartthat will visit the far-ranging human toneschattering against the windof the Columbia Gorge?Out on Couch Street,the homeless can’t wade through the snowwith their horse blanketsknotted around their throats.OneContinue reading “Thanksgiving Night, Old Town, Portland, Oregon by J.P. White”

A President Expresses Concern on a Visit to Westminster Abbey by Jimmy Carter

A President Expresses Concern on a Visit to Westminster Abbey by Jimmy Carter Poets’ Corner had no epitaph to mark the Welshman’s sullen art or craft because, they said, his morals were below the standards there. I mentioned the ways of Poe and Byron, and the censored Joyce’s works; at least the newsmen listened, notedContinue reading “A President Expresses Concern on a Visit to Westminster Abbey by Jimmy Carter”

The Strait of Malacca by Terez Peipins

The Strait of Malaccaby Terez Peipins The strait churns upporcelain vases, Japanese mortaronto the crystal calmof a kampung beach,Straight ahead lies SumatraBehind, the centuriesreminisce on each streetin many tongues,Old stories,old anguish.burn in an oil lampbrought up to bed each night. PHOTO: Malacca, Malaysia, on the Strait of Malacca. Photo by Guillohmz, used by permission.  NOTE:Continue reading “The Strait of Malacca by Terez Peipins”

It’s Raining Again by Lynn White

It’s Raining Again by Lynn White The weather god doesn’t speak Welsh. She’s tried. She’s really tried. She’s wept tears of frustration. She’s wept tears of anger. She’s wept tears of sadness that flow from the mountains to the sea. It’s the vowels she finds hard. And the consonants. And the mutations. And the wayContinue reading “It’s Raining Again by Lynn White”

Shifting, Too Anxious to Be Fully Aware by Jonathan Yungkans

Shifting, Too Anxious to Be Fully Aware by Jonathan Yungkans            after John Ashbery What could I say of a young Polish woman that January? I was barely a year into college, on my first time abroad, felt out of my depth. She worked the hotel dining room, met me forContinue reading “Shifting, Too Anxious to Be Fully Aware by Jonathan Yungkans”