Julie A. Dickson, September on Lake Ontario

September on Lake Ontario by Julie A. Dickson Ontario is calm today, sun warm, waves lap at rocks in quiet rhythm. I hear the call of a lone goose, Canadian black markings clear as it swims lazily — far away from the chattering flock, as if to say, “I need a few minutes.” Perhaps heContinue reading “Julie A. Dickson, September on Lake Ontario”

February Evening in New York by Denise Levertov

February Evening in New York by Denise Levertov As the stores close, a winter light xxopens air to iris blue, xxglint of frost through the smoke xxgrains of mica, salt of the sidewalk. As the buildings close, released autonomous xxfeet pattern the streets xxin hurry and stroll; balloon heads xxdrift and dive above them; theContinue reading “February Evening in New York by Denise Levertov”

Poem for Oneonta, New York by Joan McNerney

Poem for Oneonta, New York by Joan McNerney We sleep with trains dreaming in Indian names. Otsego, Otsego long lake of night trailing snow showers of light. In black wells of solitude through silent fixed stars we search for trains brightened by Indian names. Neahwa Neahwa shadows of Indian names filled with fragrant spruce andContinue reading “Poem for Oneonta, New York by Joan McNerney”

Binghamton Lights by Julene Waffle

Binghamton Lightsby Julene Waffle From the outskirts of the city,before the street lights and electric billboardsstop The Milky Way at street level,cell phone and radio towersshimmer, like the Seven Dwarfs’ mine,illumined by sweat and hard work,all rubies and diamonds, stark againstthe cold night sky. Darkness has settled in and covers the factory graysof old shoeContinue reading “Binghamton Lights by Julene Waffle”

Woods by Joan McNerney

Woodsby Joan McNerney Sliding through archesof elms…sunshineyellow and warm as honey. Moss crawls over mudstonewhile squirrels skiparound tree stumps Imagine to be a birdin blue wind pushingair through your wing. After the long rainpine trees bendingwith cones. Branches etch evening skyturning razzle dazzlepurple red citron. Leaves drop like butterfliesfilling the floor of forestwith crunchy foliage.Continue reading “Woods by Joan McNerney”

Garden of Eden by Tracy K. Smith

Garden of Edenby Tracy K. Smith What a profound longingI feel, just this very instant,For the Garden of EdenOn Montague StreetWhere I seldom shopped,Usually only after therapyElbow sore at the crookFrom a handbasket filledTo capacity. The glossy pastries!Pomegranate, persimmon, quince!Once, a bag of black belugaLentils spilt a trail behind meWhile I labored to findA teaContinue reading “Garden of Eden by Tracy K. Smith”

Letter Written on a Ferry While Crossing Long Island Sound by Anne Sexton

Letter Written on a Ferry While Crossing Long Island Soundby Anne Sexton I am surprised to seethat the ocean is still going on.Now I am going backand I have ripped my handfrom your hand as I said I wouldand I have made it this faras I said I wouldand I am on the top deckContinue reading “Letter Written on a Ferry While Crossing Long Island Sound by Anne Sexton”