Remembering to Ask by Carolyn Chilton Casas

Remembering to Ask by Carolyn Chilton Casas Returning to Arcos de la Frontera, after driving through white hill towns of southern Spain— Ubrique, Grazalema, silent for siesta Zahara de la Sierra, it is dusk as we enter the city gates. Winding streets coil back and forth around the city’s hillside. Most barely allow one-way passage,Continue reading “Remembering to Ask by Carolyn Chilton Casas”

Robert N. Coats, Searching for Arborglyphs

Searching for Arborglyphs by Robert N. Coats In the Jarbidge Range, my seventeenth year, I drove up dusty dirt roads, across clanging cattle guards, hiked into high meadows and aspen groves. There I found the spot where in 1929, Efrain Madariaga of Iparralde, Spain scribed his name, and a record of his loneliness and desire:Continue reading “Robert N. Coats, Searching for Arborglyphs”

I’m traveling back in time by Mathias Jansson

I’m traveling back in timeby Mathias Jansson I’m traveling back in timeto the north of Swedento my parents’ placewhere I was born I’m traveling back in timefollow my childhood paththe path I used to runthrough the forestdown to the river I’m traveling back in timeto a time when I saton the stone by the waterfishingContinue reading “I’m traveling back in time by Mathias Jansson”

in the meadow magenta by Cynthia Hogue

in the meadow magenta by Cynthia Hogue (reading Robert Duncan in Haldon Forest) bloom looks like lupine from afar but up close the small bell- like flowers of wild hollyhock  the holy that forth came that must come mystery of frond fern gorse a magic to which I relate to land of hillock and bolderContinue reading “in the meadow magenta by Cynthia Hogue”

Circumambulation of Mt. Tamalpais by Andrew Hoyem

Circumambulation of Mt. Tamalpaisby Andrew Hoyem Those paths on the mountainside which neither ascend nor descendbut proceed at a level, are overgrown from disuseby human beings if ever they wentalong these routes. Animals and other spirits who do not disturb the foliage overheadwalk through the foothills, past the mountain,without observing its heights orthe surrounding depths.Continue reading “Circumambulation of Mt. Tamalpais by Andrew Hoyem”

4. Rare School Bell, Long Walnut Handle by Kelley White

4. Rare School Bell, Long Walnut Handleby Kelley White finely turned, exceptional patina, turnedand flared brass bell with iron clapper,Canterbury, NH, C. 1850, 28” h $2100 The ledger tells how I came to be here.A man, my father, called Charles Thomas,though it may have been Thompson,or Thomson, or Tomas, (this is EldressCora’s hand, surely, recording,Continue reading “4. Rare School Bell, Long Walnut Handle by Kelley White”