in the meadow magenta by Cynthia Hogue

england licensed aniszewski

in the meadow magenta
by Cynthia Hogue

(reading Robert Duncan in Haldon Forest)

bloom looks
like lupine from afar
but up close the small bell-
like flowers of wild hollyhock

 the holy that forth
came that must

come mystery
of frond fern
gorse a magic
to which I

relate to
land of hillock and

bolder the grayer
sky and wood
the straight flat One
between them barred

by the bushy Scots pine
medicinal veridian of ever-

green which though
gossip rumor spell
or chance change us
is not changed

PHOTO: Meadow of foxgloves, a wildflower that abounds in Haldon Forest. The foxglove has medicinal uses but can also be toxic to humans and animals. Photo by Aniszewski, used by permission.

england licensed Jessica Dale

NOTE: Haldon Forest is located in the Haldon_HillsDevonEngland. Consisting of several different woods, Haldon Forest is situated between the towns of Chudleigh and Exminster in southwestern England. Belvedere Castle (also known as Lawrence Castle), stands on a high ridge overlooking the Exe Estuary and can be seen from a considerable distance. Built in 1788, the castle was restored in 1994 from near ruin by the Devon Historic Buildings Trust. 

PHOTO: Aerial view of Belvedere Castle at Haldon Forest in Devon, United Kingdom. Photo by Jessica Dale, used by permission.

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