Sequoia Sunrise by Mark A. Fisher

Sequoia Sunriseby Mark A. Fisher iciclestarlighthanging downthrough the silentred giantswhile the thumbnail moonspills silver lightthat pools in the meadowsand slowly seeps outinto the forest’til the barest hintsof red in the eastern skymakes the first bird begin todrowsily sing, rousing chickareehidden high up in the treesand answered by a woodpeckerbeating beating beating out the rhythmfor theContinue reading “Sequoia Sunrise by Mark A. Fisher”

Cape Cod by Joan McNerney

Cape Cod by Joan McNerney Hearing waves from a distance and feeling sea breezes brush our faces, it seemed a century before we came to the ocean. So blue and bright to our eyes its rhythm broke chains of unremarkable days. Over cool sand we ran and you picked three perfect shells which fit insideContinue reading “Cape Cod by Joan McNerney”

Always Iowa by Janet Banks

Always Iowaby Janet Banks Not one recognizable face on the plane,in the airport John Deere memorabiliabeckon from the gift shop,the state, empty of love. Mother, spiffed up, her coiffure a pale shadeof apricot, Dad chewing on a bit of paperto calm his nerves as he paces,both long gone to graves. No welcoming. Kathy, once theContinue reading “Always Iowa by Janet Banks”

Woods by Joan McNerney

Woodsby Joan McNerney Sliding through archesof elms…sunshineyellow and warm as honey. Moss crawls over mudstonewhile squirrels skiparound tree stumps Imagine to be a birdin blue wind pushingair through your wing. After the long rainpine trees bendingwith cones. Branches etch evening skyturning razzle dazzlepurple red citron. Leaves drop like butterfliesfilling the floor of forestwith crunchy foliage.Continue reading “Woods by Joan McNerney”

I-70, Crossing Kansas by Sarah Russell

I-70, Crossing Kansas by Sarah Russell Asphalt casts a line to the horizon. It’s early May—wheat, a nascent green, and plowing started for the corn. Clouds loom like gargoyles in the west with slanted rain a hundred miles ahead. Billboards reading Quilt Cottage and Gove City Yarns share the berm with Jesus Saves. Stuckey‘s kitschContinue reading “I-70, Crossing Kansas by Sarah Russell”

Across Kansas by William Stafford

Across Kansasby William Stafford My family slept those level milesbut like a bell rung deep till dawnI drove down an aisle of sound,nothing real but in the bell,past the town where I was born. Once you cross a land like thatyou own your face more: what the lightstruck told a self; every rockdenied all theContinue reading “Across Kansas by William Stafford”

The World Book by Patricia Hooper

The World Book by Patricia Hooper When the woman in blue sergeheld up the sun, my motheropened the storm door, takingthe whole volume of Sinto her hands. The sunshown as a sun should,and we sat down at the tableleafing through silks and ships,saints and subtraction. We passedScotland and Spain, street-cars and seeds and eventhe Seven WondersContinue reading “The World Book by Patricia Hooper”

San Francisco by Richard Brautigan

San Franciscoby Richard Brautigan This poem was found written on a paper bag by Richard Brautigan in a laundromat in San Francisco. The author is unknown. By accident, you putYour money in myMachine (#4)By accident, I putMy money in anotherMachine (#6)On purpose, I putYour clothes in theEmpty machine fullOf water and noClothes It was lonely.Continue reading “San Francisco by Richard Brautigan”

The Senses of Progress by David Dephy

The Senses of Progress by David Dephy I am walking on the Brooklyn Bridge now. I am listening to the trembling of the rivers. They say: “Remember us, the circumstances of the present and the past shape, the possibilities of progress.” I am walking on the Manhattan Bridge now. I am listening to the raysContinue reading “The Senses of Progress by David Dephy”

Garden of Eden by Tracy K. Smith

Garden of Edenby Tracy K. Smith What a profound longingI feel, just this very instant,For the Garden of EdenOn Montague StreetWhere I seldom shopped,Usually only after therapyElbow sore at the crookFrom a handbasket filledTo capacity. The glossy pastries!Pomegranate, persimmon, quince!Once, a bag of black belugaLentils spilt a trail behind meWhile I labored to findA teaContinue reading “Garden of Eden by Tracy K. Smith”