Siesta in Cartagena by Daniel Catton Rich

Siesta in Cartagena (excerpt) by Daniel Catton Rich The city lies, en cabochon, A black and white Dominican dawn Gives way to balconies of heat Down a cerise street, Mingled everywhere, the smell Of jasmine, Flit and tuberose, Under a baroque shell. SOURCE: Poetry magazine, February 1944. Read poem in its entirety here. PHOTO: CartagenaContinue reading “Siesta in Cartagena by Daniel Catton Rich”

Cartagena Afternoon by Lorraine Caputo

Cartagena Afternoonby Lorraine Caputo In the center of     Centenary ParkA man & a woman     clap, singing praises          unto JesusThe preacher wipes his     ebony brow Vendors roam     with hand racks of          coffee thermoses& all walls, all benches     men sit drinking tinto* In oneContinue reading “Cartagena Afternoon by Lorraine Caputo”