Siesta in Cartagena by Daniel Catton Rich


Siesta in Cartagena (excerpt)
by Daniel Catton Rich

The city lies, en cabochon,
A black and white Dominican dawn
Gives way to balconies of heat
Down a cerise street,
Mingled everywhere, the smell
Of jasmine, Flit and tuberose,
Under a baroque shell.

SOURCE: Poetry magazine, February 1944. Read poem in its entirety here.

PHOTO: Cartagena Colombia. Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash

rich 1

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Daniel Catton Rich (1904-1976) was an American art curator, museum administrator, and educator. He served as director of the Art Institute of Chicago and the Worcester Art Museum, and was president of Poetry Magazine in 1952, as well as a published poet in that magazine. In 1960-61, he served as visiting lecturer in art history at Harvard. He was decorated by foreign governments, including the Legion d’Honneur (France), the order of Orange Nassau (Netherlands), and the Cavalieri Order Merit (Italy).

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