It’s Only Make Believe? by Lynn White

It’s Only Make Believe? by Lynn White The little cinema was packed, even if fictional, films about the locality were rare. And later, in the bar there was much discussion. The shots of the sheep blocking the road were appreciated. Well, our sheep were famous for their techniques of blockade. This was no fiction. ThereContinue reading “It’s Only Make Believe? by Lynn White”

Welsh Tea with Dylan Thomas by Margaret Duda

Welsh Tea with Dylan Thomasby Margaret Duda We hiked Cliff Road from Laugharne,noticed a peregrine perched on a grassy cliffscanning the small waders in the tidal marsh,stalking his prey in the estuary of the Taf. Approaching the writing shed, robin’s egg blue,we peered through a small window to see wherethe high school dropout composed lyricalContinue reading “Welsh Tea with Dylan Thomas by Margaret Duda”

It’s Raining Again by Lynn White

It’s Raining Again by Lynn White The weather god doesn’t speak Welsh. She’s tried. She’s really tried. She’s wept tears of frustration. She’s wept tears of anger. She’s wept tears of sadness that flow from the mountains to the sea. It’s the vowels she finds hard. And the consonants. And the mutations. And the wayContinue reading “It’s Raining Again by Lynn White”

Shifting, Too Anxious to Be Fully Aware by Jonathan Yungkans

Shifting, Too Anxious to Be Fully Aware by Jonathan Yungkans            after John Ashbery What could I say of a young Polish woman that January? I was barely a year into college, on my first time abroad, felt out of my depth. She worked the hotel dining room, met me forContinue reading “Shifting, Too Anxious to Be Fully Aware by Jonathan Yungkans”

The Winter by Dafdd ap Gwilym

The Winterby Dafdd ap Gwilym  Across North WalesThe snowflakes wander,A swarm of white bees.Over the woodsA cold veil lies.A load of chalkBows down the trees. No undergrowthWithout its wool,No field unsheeted;No path is leftThrough any field;On every stumpWhite flour is milled. Will someone tell meWhat angels liftPlanks in the flour-loftFloor of heavenShaking down dust?An angel’sContinue reading “The Winter by Dafdd ap Gwilym”

Water Under the Bridge by Lynn White

Water Under the Bridgeby Lynn White The Canadian canoe submerged as we got intoo clumsily.The cushions, brought thoughtfully for comfortwere soakedalong with everything else.Then we discovered that we were unable to co-ordinateour paddlingso moving along the narrow canal in a straight linewas impossible.Thus we made slow progress.And then we came to the long tunnel.The signContinue reading “Water Under the Bridge by Lynn White”