The Fading Season by Ken Hartke

The Fading Season by Ken Hartke The fading season — when all the trees have darkened but before the early snow — I build a fire in the grate and find that unfinished book. The new morning chill draws me to the coffee pot. The fire still has warmth. Today’s sky is bright and clear,Continue reading “The Fading Season by Ken Hartke”

Highway 58 Spring by Mark A. Fisher

Highway 58 Springby Mark A. Fisher driving east of Bakersfieldthe scent of oranges-yet-to-comefills the almost clean airthe moon not yet risen from behindthose worn down mountainsnot yet green– not yet smeared with wildflowersstill weeks awaythough the dream of themdrifts through the hillslike a tule fog Previously published in Mojave River Review Fall/Winter 2018 PHOTO: RollingContinue reading “Highway 58 Spring by Mark A. Fisher”

The Winter by Dafdd ap Gwilym

The Winterby Dafdd ap Gwilym  Across North WalesThe snowflakes wander,A swarm of white bees.Over the woodsA cold veil lies.A load of chalkBows down the trees. No undergrowthWithout its wool,No field unsheeted;No path is leftThrough any field;On every stumpWhite flour is milled. Will someone tell meWhat angels liftPlanks in the flour-loftFloor of heavenShaking down dust?An angel’sContinue reading “The Winter by Dafdd ap Gwilym”

The Late Wisconsin Spring by John Koethe

The Late Wisconsin Spring by John Koethe Snow melts into the earth and a gentle breezeLoosens the damp gum wrappers, the stale leavesLeft over from autumn, and the dead brown grass.The sky shakes itself out. And the invisible birdsWinter put away somewhere return, the air relaxes,People start to circulate again in twos and threes.The dominant feelingsContinue reading “The Late Wisconsin Spring by John Koethe”