Vanishing Relics by Sue Mayfield Geiger

Vanishing Relicsby Sue Mayfield Geiger They seldom come by anymore—travelers needing to rest, park their weary backsides on our benches,spread out a feast of fried chicken, bottles of Dr. Pepper and Delaware Punch,all sweaty from being in the cooler. Air-conditioned cars and the Interstatedid us in. But a few of us still exist; you justContinue reading “Vanishing Relics by Sue Mayfield Geiger”

Route 684, Southbound Rest Stop by Jessica Greenbaum

Route 684, Southbound Rest Stopby Jessica Greenbaum So you see why it could not have been a more humble moment.If there was any outward sign of regaliaIt might have been the twilight crowning of the day, just then,A perfect moment of dusk, but changing, as a wave doesEven as you admire it. Because the southboundContinue reading “Route 684, Southbound Rest Stop by Jessica Greenbaum”

At a Days Inn in Barstow, California by Chloe Honum

At a Days Inn in Barstow, California by Chloe Honum It’s dusk on a Tuesday in June. A hot wind       bears down and east. In my room, a stranger’s hairclip lies like a gilded insect beside the sink.       Hours later, it’s still dusk; it will be dusk all night. Last month, I cut the maskingContinue reading “At a Days Inn in Barstow, California by Chloe Honum”