Poetry and Places

While travel is restricted physically, let’s share our adventures virtually…through poetry.

Send up to three of your travel-related (or site-related) poems (no rhyming verse) as an MSWord attachment to We accept previously published work (list the original publisher and date), and prefer narrative poetry written from a personal perspective. (Meaning, we avoid material where the writer tries to speak for the world, make grand pronouncements, or comes across as didactic.) Include a note about the poem to provide background on the location or trip. If available, attach a photo of yourself at the destination you’ve written about. Also include an author’s bio (one-paragraph, written in the third-person) and a photo to accompany your bio. Write SUBMISSION in the subject line of your email. At this time, we can offer no payment, but we will be happy to include links to your books, websites, and social media accounts. Looking forward to reading about your travels and sharing your poems with our readers!

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