Mana by Karlo Mila

makalu kawarau river

by Karlo Mila

when you flow through my body
I know
I am caught in the current of a river
larger than the length of my own lifetime
it bends where we have all been before
same rapids
other waters
our veins
my blood
I know
I am in the flow
of something greater than my own self

PHOTO: Kawarau River, New Zealand. Photo by Makalu, used by permission. 

NOTE: The Kawarau River is a river in the South Island of New Zealand. With many rapids and strong currents, the river can be dangerous and has claimed many lives: it is also popular for bungy jumping and kayaking. A natural bridge, “Whatatorere,” where the river narrows to 3.9 feet, was important first to early Māori and then to gold miners as the only place the Clutha and Kawarau Rivers could be crossed without boats. Māori were heading to the Haast Pass to seek pounamu. The miners were seeking gold in the Arrow Goldfields.

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