The Breathing Burren by Maureen Grady

The Breathing Burren by Maureen Grady There is a world apart, of elemental beauty carved by glacier, where tiny wildflowers pierce through limestone. No trees grace this rare realm, a silver stone land with not enough water to drown, nor earth to bury, but fauna and flora half-hidden, abundant. Only here on the vast crustContinue reading “The Breathing Burren by Maureen Grady”

Siesta in Cartagena by Daniel Catton Rich

Siesta in Cartagena (excerpt) by Daniel Catton Rich The city lies, en cabochon, A black and white Dominican dawn Gives way to balconies of heat Down a cerise street, Mingled everywhere, the smell Of jasmine, Flit and tuberose, Under a baroque shell. SOURCE: Poetry magazine, February 1944. Read poem in its entirety here. PHOTO: CartagenaContinue reading “Siesta in Cartagena by Daniel Catton Rich”

Roadside Poppies in Andalusia by Joan Leotta

Roadside Poppies in Andalusia by Joan Leotta Poppies cluster near the road after cutting wide red swaths through olive groves and pastures. Blood- red, the poppies drape fields and barrows like matador capes, marking, covering, scarred places on the land where blood once flowed. Their beauty makes a bright balm for those lost- in-battle soulsContinue reading “Roadside Poppies in Andalusia by Joan Leotta”

in the meadow magenta by Cynthia Hogue

in the meadow magenta by Cynthia Hogue (reading Robert Duncan in Haldon Forest) bloom looks like lupine from afar but up close the small bell- like flowers of wild hollyhock  the holy that forth came that must come mystery of frond fern gorse a magic to which I relate to land of hillock and bolderContinue reading “in the meadow magenta by Cynthia Hogue”

Highway 58 Spring by Mark A. Fisher

Highway 58 Springby Mark A. Fisher driving east of Bakersfieldthe scent of oranges-yet-to-comefills the almost clean airthe moon not yet risen from behindthose worn down mountainsnot yet green– not yet smeared with wildflowersstill weeks awaythough the dream of themdrifts through the hillslike a tule fog Previously published in Mojave River Review Fall/Winter 2018 PHOTO: RollingContinue reading “Highway 58 Spring by Mark A. Fisher”

Arboretum by Don Kingfisher Campbell

Arboretumby Don Kingfisher Campbell As you enter pea tail eyes stare at you A bush of red firecrackers seems to explode Are those tall thin “candles” speakers from The Time Machine film Yellow microdresses pirouette from a tree Spider egg sacks become burst popcorn kernels Magenta bottle brushes grow outward in all directions Here’s somethingContinue reading “Arboretum by Don Kingfisher Campbell”

Off the Highway by Julia Weld Huntington

Off the Highway by Julia Weld Huntington Lilacs lift leaves of cool satin And blossoms of mother-of-pearl Against the tarnished silver of the deserted house. Tall, exquisite grasses fill the dooryard with spray. Through the sun-drenched fragrance drifts the hazy monotone of bees Tints of opal and jade; the hush of emerald shadows, And aContinue reading “Off the Highway by Julia Weld Huntington”

Kyoto: March by Gary Snyder

Kyoto: Marchby Gary Snyder A few light flakes of snowFall in the feeble sun;Birds sing in the cold,A warbler by the wall. The plumBuds tight and chill soon bloom.The moon begins firstFourth, a faint slice westAt nightfall. Jupiter half-wayHigh at the end of night-Meditation. The dove cryTwangs like a bow.At dawn Mt. Hiei dusted whiteOnContinue reading “Kyoto: March by Gary Snyder”

Flower Herding on Mount Monadnock by Galway Kinnell

Flower Herding on Mount Monadnock by Galway Kinnell 1 I can support it no longer. Laughing ruefully at myself For all I claim to have suffered I get up. Damned nightmarer! It is New Hampshire out here, It is nearly the dawn. The song of the whippoorwill stops And the dimension of depth seizes everything.Continue reading “Flower Herding on Mount Monadnock by Galway Kinnell”

Flowers by the Sea by William Carlos Williams

Flowers by the Seaby William Carlos Williams When over the flowery, sharp pasture’sedge, unseen, the salt ocean lifts its form—chicory and daisiestied, released, seem hardly flowers alone but color and the movement—or the shapeperhaps—of restlessness, whereas the sea is circled and swayspeacefully upon its plantlike stem Photo by Iewek Gnos on Unsplash