Highway 58 Spring by Mark A. Fisher

Highway 58 Springby Mark A. Fisher driving east of Bakersfieldthe scent of oranges-yet-to-comefills the almost clean airthe moon not yet risen from behindthose worn down mountainsnot yet green– not yet smeared with wildflowersstill weeks awaythough the dream of themdrifts through the hillslike a tule fog Previously published in Mojave River Review Fall/Winter 2018 PHOTO: RollingContinue reading “Highway 58 Spring by Mark A. Fisher”

Iowa City: Early April by Robert Hass

Iowa City: Early Aprilby Robert Hass This morning a cat—bright orange—pawing at the one patch of new grass in the sand-and tanbark-colored leaves. And last night the sapphire of the raccoon’s eyes in the beam of the flashlight.He was climbing a tree beside the house, trying to get onto the porch, I think, for aContinue reading “Iowa City: Early April by Robert Hass”