A Perfect Summer Day by Milton P. Ehrlich

A Perfect Summer Day by Milton P. Ehrlich A perfect day begins the night before. A mackerel net is set in a fireball of a setting sun. Up at dawn before marauding seals have cleaned off the catch, I fillet them on the shore tossing bloody entrails to screeching gulls hovering overhead I deliver aContinue reading “A Perfect Summer Day by Milton P. Ehrlich”

Pacific Rim by Laurel Benjamin

Pacific Rim Pacific Rim National Park, Vancouver Island by Laurel Benjamin Gold foam on the shore laces with currents from the rainforest minerals clear blue and green. Choked roots decompose sending runoff across the sand in a deep cut. Brown and crackly, mossy, smoothly covered in mud. The forest at water’s edge opens to aContinue reading “Pacific Rim by Laurel Benjamin”

Alberta Bound by Michael Lee Johnson

Alberta Bound by Michael Lee Johnson   I own a gate to this prairiethat ends facing the Rocky Mountains.They call it Alberta—trails of endless blue skyasylum of endless winters,hermitage of indolent retracted sun.Deep freeze drips haphazardly into spring.Drumheller, dinosaur badlands, dried bones,ancient hoodoos sculpt high, prairie toadstools.Alberta highway 2 opens the gateway of endless miles.Travel weary, I stopContinue reading “Alberta Bound by Michael Lee Johnson”

Canada by Billy Collins

Canadaby Billy Collins I am writing this on a strip of white birch barkthat I cut from a tree with a penknife.There is no other way to express adequatelythe immensity of the clouds that are passing over the farmsand wooded lakes of Ontario and the endless visibilitythat hands you the horizon on a platter. IContinue reading “Canada by Billy Collins”