Under the Influence by Andrena Zawinski

Under the Influence (A poetic after the cellist on Place des Vosges) by Andrena Zawinski Here. Take this photograph. It is Paris. There. There is a woman turning sheets of paged music. Look. She’s getting ready, her legs hugging the cello bottom, fingers poised at the polished sleek of its neck. Listen. A wheeze andContinue reading “Under the Influence by Andrena Zawinski”

Walking Along the Music City Walk of Fame by Linda Imbler

Walking Along the Music City Walk of Fame Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.A. by Linda Imbler The pale shy away from the sun, but this garden of stone is worthy of a venture out under Mr. Sol. Here lay the names, a judicious fare of music greats: Songwriters, singers, guitarists. There’s no questionable bigotry laid here. AllContinue reading “Walking Along the Music City Walk of Fame by Linda Imbler”

Alberta Bound by Michael Lee Johnson

Alberta Bound by Michael Lee Johnson   I own a gate to this prairiethat ends facing the Rocky Mountains.They call it Alberta—trails of endless blue skyasylum of endless winters,hermitage of indolent retracted sun.Deep freeze drips haphazardly into spring.Drumheller, dinosaur badlands, dried bones,ancient hoodoos sculpt high, prairie toadstools.Alberta highway 2 opens the gateway of endless miles.Travel weary, I stopContinue reading “Alberta Bound by Michael Lee Johnson”

Pandemic Escapees by Leah Mueller

Pandemic Escapees by Leah Mueller Lying in our motel bed halfway between Washington and Arizona: fitful crossroads of a dirty central California town. Steinbeck country minus the romance. Days Inn of Westley, ground-floor room with a parking lot view, 68 dollars plus tax. I shove my ears tight against the pillows to stifle the endlessContinue reading “Pandemic Escapees by Leah Mueller”

Indian Summer by David Dephy

Indian Summerby David Dephy That’s right, friends, it was an Indian summer.I was sitting in the New York’s taxi, as I wassitting in the hammock hanging on the waterfalland I was thinking about myself on the waterfall… “When we are not ourselves, we are killing ourselves,”I thought. “We are the lights when we are ourselves,butContinue reading “Indian Summer by David Dephy”

On the Altiplano by Robert Coats

On the Altiplanoby Robert Coats Awake early, I saw the green flash as the sunrose behind the Cordillera de Chichas,glare of the Salar de Uyuni.After a simple breakfast we loaded up,my son in back with the three Argentinos,I up front with our Bolivian guide. Higher into the arid Andes on a gravel road,a snow-cloaked volcanoContinue reading “On the Altiplano by Robert Coats”

PRAGUE SYMPHONY by Terrence Sykes

PRAGUE SYMPHONY by Terrence Sykes Prelude beech forests poplar meadows chestnut groves dusty roads slice fallowed fields birch embroidering streams through fog & mist amongst the stars almond & apricot lanterns papier-mâché poppy cosmos cling upon & amongst planets & moons beyond below descent & ascent confined by rail slats lullabied & cradled alone alongContinue reading “PRAGUE SYMPHONY by Terrence Sykes”