The Canticle of Jack Kerouac by Lawrence Ferlinghetti

The Canticle of Jack Kerouac (Part 2)by Lawrence Ferlinghetti There is a garden in the memory of AmericaThere is a nightbird in its memoryThere is an andante cantabilein a garden in the memoryof AmericaIn a secret gardenin a private placea song a melodya nightsong echoingin the memory of AmericaIn the sound of a nightbirdoutside a LowellContinue reading “The Canticle of Jack Kerouac by Lawrence Ferlinghetti”

Kyoto: March by Gary Snyder

Kyoto: Marchby Gary Snyder A few light flakes of snowFall in the feeble sun;Birds sing in the cold,A warbler by the wall. The plumBuds tight and chill soon bloom.The moon begins firstFourth, a faint slice westAt nightfall. Jupiter half-wayHigh at the end of night-Meditation. The dove cryTwangs like a bow.At dawn Mt. Hiei dusted whiteOnContinue reading “Kyoto: March by Gary Snyder”

Things to Do Around Seattle by Gary Snyder

Things to Do Around Seattleby Gary Snyder Hear phone poles hum.Catch garter snakes. Make lizard tails fall off.Biking to Lake Washington, see muddy little fish.Peeling old bark off Madrone to see the clean red new bark.Cleaning fir pitch off your hands.Reading books in the back of the University District goodwill.Swimming in Puget Sound below theContinue reading “Things to Do Around Seattle by Gary Snyder”

Mexico Seen from the Moving Car by Michael McClure

Mexico Seen from the Moving Car by Michael McClure THERE ARE HILLS LIKE SHARKFINS                              and clods of mud. The mind drifts through in the shape of a museum, in the guise of a museum dreaming dead friends: Jim, Tom, Emmet, Bill. —Like billboards their huge faces droop and stretch on the walls, on the wallsContinue reading “Mexico Seen from the Moving Car by Michael McClure”