At Ease in Tarragona by Margaret Koger

At Ease in Tarragona by Margaret Koger I’m barefoot, standing on wet sand as waves froth white at my ankles. I tug my strapless a little higher as others exult au naturel in the sun. I wait for the Med to lift me. The man I’ve come lately to love shed his fear of nakedContinue reading “At Ease in Tarragona by Margaret Koger”

Remembering to Ask by Carolyn Chilton Casas

Remembering to Ask by Carolyn Chilton Casas Returning to Arcos de la Frontera, after driving through white hill towns of southern Spain— Ubrique, Grazalema, silent for siesta Zahara de la Sierra, it is dusk as we enter the city gates. Winding streets coil back and forth around the city’s hillside. Most barely allow one-way passage,Continue reading “Remembering to Ask by Carolyn Chilton Casas”

Belief by Laura Foley

Belief by Laura Foley Walking the endless Meseta, we turn to see yellow broom flowers, orange poppies going by— the only way to know these pilgrims’ progress. Each night, an ancient town new to us, steps closer to our journey’s end— we feel no mystic pull toward Santiago, but we believe in the awe ofContinue reading “Belief by Laura Foley”

Barcelona, June 26th, 2007 by Julia Klatt Singer

Barcelona, June 26th, 2007 by Julia Klatt Singer Somewhere between late-night and early morning it is the sound of breaking glass that fills the air— not the call of the cooking-oil man with six orange barrels strapped loosely to his dolly with bungee cords. He taps and rolls them through the cobblestone streets, metal onContinue reading “Barcelona, June 26th, 2007 by Julia Klatt Singer”

February Snow by Francisco Aragón

February Snow by Francisco Aragón The tint of the sky between sunset and night. And wandering with you and your nephew in that maze, half-lost—Madrid of the Austrias—looking for Plaza of the Green Cross where, days before you arrived, an Opel with false plates was parked, its wheels straddling the curb, and so the vanContinue reading “February Snow by Francisco Aragón”

Leaving Algeciras in 1971 by Diane Kendig

Leaving Algeciras in 1971 by Diane Kendig “Africa, a whole new world.” —Philip Levine We could catch a boat from there to Ceuta for seventy-five cents, we said to each other in the school lobby in Segovia, we could go to Africa for less than a dollar, once we got to Algeciras. I had onlyContinue reading “Leaving Algeciras in 1971 by Diane Kendig”

Federico García Lorca, Little Ballad of Three Rivers

Little Ballad of Three Riversby Federico García Lorca The Guadalquivir riverFlows between orange and olive.Two rivers of GranadaCome down from snow to wheat field. Ah, Love, the unreturning! The Guadalquivir riverHas banks of ruddy garnet.Two rivers of Granada—One weeps, and one is bloody. Ah, Love, lost in the air! Seville has a highwayFor stately sailing-vessels.ButContinue reading “Federico García Lorca, Little Ballad of Three Rivers”

Robert N. Coats, Searching for Arborglyphs

Searching for Arborglyphs by Robert N. Coats In the Jarbidge Range, my seventeenth year, I drove up dusty dirt roads, across clanging cattle guards, hiked into high meadows and aspen groves. There I found the spot where in 1929, Efrain Madariaga of Iparralde, Spain scribed his name, and a record of his loneliness and desire:Continue reading “Robert N. Coats, Searching for Arborglyphs”

Via Lactea by Robert Lima

Via LacteaOn the Photograph by Dionisio Ameal Pachecoby Robert Lima The old hórreo, a granary on the Rio Minho,receives the torrent of stars into its wooden hold.It is a stellar blessing on the landscapeof the ancient Celtic peoples,sons of Breogán, that begat the line. A bountiful engagement of primal matterand elemental Earth,the stars falling onContinue reading “Via Lactea by Robert Lima”

Rider’s Song by Federico García Lorca

Rider’s Song by Federico García Lorca Cordova, far and lonely. Black pony, full moon, And olives in my pocket: Although I know the roads, I’ll never reach Cordova. For the plain, for the wind, Black pony, red moon, And death is watching for me Beside Cordova’s towers. Alas! the long, long highway, Alas! my valiant pony,Continue reading “Rider’s Song by Federico García Lorca”