Leaving Algeciras in 1971 by Diane Kendig

Leaving Algeciras in 1971 by Diane Kendig “Africa, a whole new world.” —Philip Levine We could catch a boat from there to Ceuta for seventy-five cents, we said to each other in the school lobby in Segovia, we could go to Africa for less than a dollar, once we got to Algeciras. I had onlyContinue reading “Leaving Algeciras in 1971 by Diane Kendig”

A Spell of Enchantment by Maureen Grady

A Spell of Enchantment by Maureen Grady Of mint tea and dates, of Casbah and Medina, of rugs and calls to prayer, of minarets and plums, of green figs and honey, of Medrassa and holy bread, of the music of Arabic, of all tastes of tagines, of hammam and black soap, of Roman ruins andContinue reading “A Spell of Enchantment by Maureen Grady”