The Cranes, Texas January by Mark Sanders

The Cranes, Texas Januaryby Mark Sanders I call my wife outdoors to have her listen,to turn her ears upward, beyond the cloud-veiledsky where the moon dances thin light,to tell her, “Don’t hear the cars on the freeway— it’s not the truck-rumble. It is and is notthe sirens.” She stands there, on decka rocking boat, wantingContinue reading “The Cranes, Texas January by Mark Sanders”

Textures and Hues by Merrill Farnsworth

Textures and Huesby Merrill Farnsworth I did not choose the texture and huesor build the loomI simply entered the world.Fate chose the fabricspun from tumbleweeds and tornadoes,carbon black creeping under windowsillsburnt orange flames licking the skylike tongues of thirsty dragonsreaching from the belly of the oil refinerywhere my father staked his claimon a bright futureContinue reading “Textures and Hues by Merrill Farnsworth”

Vanishing Relics by Sue Mayfield Geiger

Vanishing Relicsby Sue Mayfield Geiger They seldom come by anymore—travelers needing to rest, park their weary backsides on our benches,spread out a feast of fried chicken, bottles of Dr. Pepper and Delaware Punch,all sweaty from being in the cooler. Air-conditioned cars and the Interstatedid us in. But a few of us still exist; you justContinue reading “Vanishing Relics by Sue Mayfield Geiger”