Woods by Joan McNerney

Woodsby Joan McNerney Sliding through archesof elms…sunshineyellow and warm as honey. Moss crawls over mudstonewhile squirrels skiparound tree stumps Imagine to be a birdin blue wind pushingair through your wing. After the long rainpine trees bendingwith cones. Branches etch evening skyturning razzle dazzlepurple red citron. Leaves drop like butterfliesfilling the floor of forestwith crunchy foliage.Continue reading “Woods by Joan McNerney”

Yellow Fruit Tree Waterfall Park by Don Kingfisher Campbell

Yellow Fruit Tree Waterfall Park by Don Kingfisher Campbell Refreshing turbulent spray on passersby A piano of stepping stones ford wide river Leafy detritus lines asphalt paths Reflection of sky and trees in tranquil water Dark branches reach up from flowery ground Leaves spread out like fingers to catch sunlight Take a photo, paint aContinue reading “Yellow Fruit Tree Waterfall Park by Don Kingfisher Campbell”

Vanishing Relics by Sue Mayfield Geiger

Vanishing Relicsby Sue Mayfield Geiger They seldom come by anymore—travelers needing to rest, park their weary backsides on our benches,spread out a feast of fried chicken, bottles of Dr. Pepper and Delaware Punch,all sweaty from being in the cooler. Air-conditioned cars and the Interstatedid us in. But a few of us still exist; you justContinue reading “Vanishing Relics by Sue Mayfield Geiger”