El Porto, Twilight by Jonathan Yungkans

El Porto, Twilight by Jonathan Yungkans 1. Where the Pacific blends into a Spanish-Portuguese marketing conceit, it mirrors my own lack of logic, a hemorrhage tarnishing quiet. The wind smells of gore. The sea dusks. It stumbles cross currents, bleeding out and collapsing. The unseen moon heaves it up. Call me Lazarus for all theContinue reading “El Porto, Twilight by Jonathan Yungkans”

Autumn at Owen Beach by Carl “Papa” Palmer

Autumn at Owen Beach by Carl “Papa” Palmer Tacoma Washington rains a foggy mist I breathe in cadence with soft whispers of Puget Sound surf heard front row center sitting on this sand-locked log all to myself at Owen Beach. Seeking similes for birds behaving like birds as I float a morning prayer toward theContinue reading “Autumn at Owen Beach by Carl “Papa” Palmer”