Poem for Oneonta, New York by Joan McNerney

Poem for Oneonta, New York by Joan McNerney We sleep with trains dreaming in Indian names. Otsego, Otsego long lake of night trailing snow showers of light. In black wells of solitude through silent fixed stars we search for trains brightened by Indian names. Neahwa Neahwa shadows of Indian names filled with fragrant spruce andContinue reading “Poem for Oneonta, New York by Joan McNerney”

North of Santa Monica by Carter Revard

North of Santa Monica by Carter Revard It’s midnight in a drizzling fog on Sunset Avenue and we are walking through the scent of orange blossoms and past a white camellia blown down or flung by someone onto rainblack asphalt waiting for the gray Mercedes sedan to run over and smash its petals and leaveContinue reading “North of Santa Monica by Carter Revard”

Indian Summer by Diane Glancy

Indian Summerby Diane Glancy There’s a farm auction up the road.Wind has its bid in for the leaves.Already bugs flurry the headlightsbetween cornfields at night.If this world were permanent,I could dance full as the squaw dresson the clothesline.I would not see winterin the square of white yard-light on the wall.But something tugs at me.The worldContinue reading “Indian Summer by Diane Glancy”