The Ghost of Mazama by Marianne Brems

The Ghost of Mazama xxxxxxxxxxxCrater Lake, Crater Lake, Oregon by Marianne Brems The Rim Road around Crater Lake with a dusting of snow beside it is nearly all mine. In temporal sunlight I ride on two slim tires around a lake without tributaries, deeper than a skyscraper. My core swells in warmth pushing heat outContinue reading “The Ghost of Mazama by Marianne Brems”

Thanksgiving Night, Old Town, Portland, Oregon by J.P. White

Thanksgiving Night, Old TownPortland, Oregonby J.P. White Look at this puffing city nightthat never stops to count itselfbroken into coins.What grammatical constructiondo you and I know by heartthat will visit the far-ranging human toneschattering against the windof the Columbia Gorge?Out on Couch Street,the homeless can’t wade through the snowwith their horse blanketsknotted around their throats.OneContinue reading “Thanksgiving Night, Old Town, Portland, Oregon by J.P. White”