The German Hotel by Charles Bukowski

The German Hotel by Charles Bukowski the German hotel was very strange and expensive and had double doors to the rooms, very thick doors, and it over— looked the park and the vasser tern and in the mornings it was usually too late for breakfast and the maids would be everywhere changing sheets and bringingContinue reading “The German Hotel by Charles Bukowski”

Rafaella Del Bourgo, Gazelle in the Berlin Zoo, 1966

Gazelle in the Berlin Zoo, 1966by Rafaella Del Bourgo I return to the gazelle, press up against the barsand she comes to me.My hand slips through, strokes the curving horn,bony socket of the eye.As long as I murmur into her ear,she will stay as close as the fence allows. Upon arrival in Berlin, address fromContinue reading “Rafaella Del Bourgo, Gazelle in the Berlin Zoo, 1966”