Gjirokastër Stroll by Norma Wightman

Gjirokastër Stroll by Norma Wightman Workmen hammer the limestone chunks, fitting them tightly into a new walkway. Wheelbarrows of stone and sand stand helter-skelter among workmen as they bend to their labors. They scarcely take notice as tourists weave around the construction to reach shops beckoning with carpets, crochet work, and carvings. I watch theContinue reading “Gjirokastër Stroll by Norma Wightman”

You Could Have…by Ivanka Radmanović

You Could Have… by Ivanka Radmanović Among the blooming rosemary soaked by the rain, under bewildering domes of black cypresses, with your face bleached by the storm and your hair in waterfalls, barefoot you walk along the old path, down the ancient stone stairs, avoiding stepping on soaked fig leaves, glued to the ground. behindContinue reading “You Could Have…by Ivanka Radmanović”

An Old City, Czech Republic by Laurel Benjamin

An Old CityCzech Republicby Laurel Benjamin I’m standing on a street corner in an old city after darkwhere no one appears after midnight—no couples arm in arm coming from a drinking spot,no bicyclists, no streetcars. A black dog enters the street, dragging his ownerwho struggles to hold strands of other dogs,and with one hand steersContinue reading “An Old City, Czech Republic by Laurel Benjamin”