A Culinary Tour of Genova, 1989 by Christian Ward

A Culinary Tour of Genova, 1989 by Christian Ward Stepping out of the car, wild pomegranates, full as pepper grinders, greet me. Tonight, Spaghetti Con Cozze. Tomorrow, I will help Nonno carry steaming tin foil pans of Focaccia Con Formaggio from the trattoria, their strands of melted stracchino always making spaghetti jealous. Another day, IContinue reading “A Culinary Tour of Genova, 1989 by Christian Ward”

December 1991 by David Hare

December 1991 by David Hare She drove me to Trouville in her black Volkswagen droptop Leaving Paris early by the Peripherique and getting there by noon There was frost even on the inside of the slanted back window And the laughable so-called heater pretty soon Gave out. The tyres rocked on the brittle brown concrete.Continue reading “December 1991 by David Hare”

Long Road to the Sugar Shack for Sugar on Snow by Tricia Knoll

Long Road to the Sugar Shack for Sugar on Snowby Tricia Knoll I stop my car in mud ruts from a thawafter a blizzard. Halfway to the shackwhere white vapor will be the happiest sightin Vermont in late March, last night’ssnowfall droops heavy limbs. The sun, our star of white on white,glares full strength inContinue reading “Long Road to the Sugar Shack for Sugar on Snow by Tricia Knoll”

I Have Seen Terezín by Andrena Zawinski

I Have Seen Terezínby Andrena Zawinski (from Frankie’s on the Divisadero in San Franciscoafter Friedl Dicker-Brandeis’“Untitled, 1944, Terezin”) The sign at Frankie’s Bohemian Cafe reads 6,303 miles to Prague.Inside a shadowed corner I have brambory, rough bread, Pilsner—the same way I did in the sleepy Bohemian border town of Terezín.I still hear from here mothers’Continue reading “I Have Seen Terezín by Andrena Zawinski”

Doggie Diner, Geary and Arguello, 1969 by Vince Gotera

Doggie Diner, Geary and Arguello, 1969 by Vince Gotera Out of San Francisco night, the cool fog’s gray fingers caressing hills and houses, emerged, in chef’s hat and bowtie, the Dog, ten-foot-tall dachshund’s head in fiberglass. Tina, my first real high school girlfriend, and I entered through the shiny glass doors, holding hands, both in hippieContinue reading “Doggie Diner, Geary and Arguello, 1969 by Vince Gotera”

Jim’s All-Night Diner by James Tate

Jim’s All-Night Dinerby James Tate Solemnity around the samovarwarms the old interlopers: grief is momentarily rinsedaway. They wait as if fora certain invitation. The voices outside area panoply of scorn. These yellow thumbs haul upthe hot liquid, but whenthe cup’s drunk it is more like an orphanage.The dead letter department,the salvation army, the animal rescueContinue reading “Jim’s All-Night Diner by James Tate”