Gondola Ride by Margaret Duda

Gondola Ride by Margaret Duda The pointed black prow glides over reflective waterways, as the gondolier pilots us past lanterns in the dark lagoons. Your arm encircles my shoulders, your body leans into mine, and the oarsman sings of stars in the Venetian night. Inside towering medieval buildings rising on either side, light escapes fromContinue reading “Gondola Ride by Margaret Duda”

From “Love Poem for Robin” by Michael Mirarchi

From “Love Poem for Robin” by Michael Mirarchi I. 36.09678, -112.11041 It’s sunset on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, which, with patient effort, was carved 6,000 feet deep by the Colorado River some five million years ago. We stare into the abyss, me through binoculars, you through your camera. Gently, I touch yourContinue reading “From “Love Poem for Robin” by Michael Mirarchi”