Oneness by Vijaya Gowrisankar


by Vijaya Gowrisankar

We had come for a weekend getaway to Nature Stay,
around hundred miles away from the city
The treehouse cottage was made of teakwood and
stood tall and proud, symbolizing strength and grit

We had porridge for breakfast before we left home
Given the heatwave warning, we carried bottles of
water as we drove to our destination…Our holiday
cottage was on a small hill…and we could see

lemon trees, chickoo trees, and mango trees from the
window of our cottage. Our close friends were surprised
at our sudden and strange plan…and insisted
on a Zoom call to ensure we were doing fine…

Given my friend had just come from outside, he was wearing
a mask…til we reminded him to remove it…we all
had a hearty laugh at his absentmindedness…and we
were grateful for his love and concern for us

The food provided at Nature Stay, as a part of the package
was simple and delicious. At a distance, we could see
other mountains and the vague mix of green and brown treeline
We had bonfire at night…and watched the fireflies dancing

as we lay on the cot outside…the buzzing sounds of insects
gave us company…as we relaxed and the lethargy of being
one with Nature lulled us into a deep sleep, devoid of worries

PHOTO: Cottage at Nature Stay resort, Saphale, India.


NOTE: Saphale is located about 90 miles north of Mumbai, in western India, close to the Arabian Sea.


NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Nature Stay at Saphale, India, is a resort in the arms of nature. Each stay option is unique and the area is covered with organic plantation of various fruits, flowers, and trees. About a two-hour drive from Mumbai, it’s a great weekend getaway.

PHOTO: View from cottage at Nature Stay resort, Saphale, India.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Vijaya Gowrisankar is the author of the poetry collections InspireReflectExploreSavour–Art and Poetry meetEvolve, Shine, and Unlikely Friendships, and Cherish. Her blog Grow Together shares insights from the greatest influencers and focuses on personal growth. She has been published in over 60 anthologies, has been awarded the AZsacra International Poetry Award (December 2015), and was one of the winners of Inspire by Gandhi competition, organized by Sampad, a UK organization. Visit her blogFacebook page, and Amazon Author page, and find her on Twitter.

PHOTO: The author during her travels.

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