Newgrange by Julie A. Dickson

Newgrange Newgrange, County Meath, Ireland, 2015 by Julie A. Dickson To stand before an ancient mound on the Irish countryside, stones hewn and balanced, silent structure stands sentinel, cavern in deep darkness— but for the winter solstice, waiting for early morning light to Illuminate the ritual altar. If I almost close my eyes I canContinue reading “Newgrange by Julie A. Dickson”

Irish Cow Circle by Maureen Grady

Irish Cow Circleby Maureen Grady I sat in a field of damp grass,in the very centerof a Neolithic stone circle,imagining a piece of theatreI’d love to direct there when eight cows approachedfrom the far edges of the field,came right up to me,until their big brown headsencircled me,crowded above me. And one by one,each lay downContinue reading “Irish Cow Circle by Maureen Grady”

An Old City, Czech Republic by Laurel Benjamin

An Old CityCzech Republicby Laurel Benjamin I’m standing on a street corner in an old city after darkwhere no one appears after midnight—no couples arm in arm coming from a drinking spot,no bicyclists, no streetcars. A black dog enters the street, dragging his ownerwho struggles to hold strands of other dogs,and with one hand steersContinue reading “An Old City, Czech Republic by Laurel Benjamin”

Hadrian’s Wall by Jonathan Yungkans

Hadrian’s Wall by Jonathan Yungkans January snow had melted but wind’s frigid razors shaved away clothes, skin and blood, until white bones stood in our place. Grass and heather would stretch long and green in spring but for now, under a brackish sky it glowered before us brown, solid as a wooden wall in standoffishness—Continue reading “Hadrian’s Wall by Jonathan Yungkans”

in the meadow magenta by Cynthia Hogue

in the meadow magenta by Cynthia Hogue (reading Robert Duncan in Haldon Forest) bloom looks like lupine from afar but up close the small bell- like flowers of wild hollyhock  the holy that forth came that must come mystery of frond fern gorse a magic to which I relate to land of hillock and bolderContinue reading “in the meadow magenta by Cynthia Hogue”

The Senses of Progress by David Dephy

The Senses of Progress by David Dephy I am walking on the Brooklyn Bridge now. I am listening to the trembling of the rivers. They say: “Remember us, the circumstances of the present and the past shape, the possibilities of progress.” I am walking on the Manhattan Bridge now. I am listening to the raysContinue reading “The Senses of Progress by David Dephy”

The Grand Silos of the Sacramento by Lawson Fusao Inada

The Grand Silos of the Sacramento by Lawson Fusao Inada From a distance, at night, they seem to be industries—all lit up but not on the map; or, in this scientific age, they could be installations for launching rocket ships— so solid, and with such security, are they. . . Ah, but up close, byContinue reading “The Grand Silos of the Sacramento by Lawson Fusao Inada”

Istanbul by Ümit Yaşar Oğuzcan

Istanbul by Ümit Yaşar Oğuzcan A room in the house, Istanbul in the room A mirror in the room, Istanbul in the mirror The man lit his cigarette, an Istanbul smoke The woman opened her purse, Istanbul in the purse The child cast a fishing line, I saw, And he started to draw it, IstanbulContinue reading “Istanbul by Ümit Yaşar Oğuzcan”

That autumn was abundant by Marjorie Agosín

That autumn was abundant by Marjorie Agosín Translated by Jacqueline Nanfito That autumn was abundant In Istanbul the ancient and platinum Women with their faces covered and discovered My grandfather arrived on foot to this Ottoman city From the desolate Sebastopol and from other burned villages, From the bloody snow. He spoke about its minaretsContinue reading “That autumn was abundant by Marjorie Agosín”

The Narrow Houses of Amsterdam by Megan Sexton

The Narrow Houses of Amsterdamby Megan Sexton To get to them, think in circles,think of the skinny streets of dreams,of paintings before the discovery of perspective,before the first Baedeker was written,roving at dusk, then midnightalong rows of café shelved like antique books;think past the narrow houses of Amsterdam,first spring, then summer, in a toy city,aContinue reading “The Narrow Houses of Amsterdam by Megan Sexton”