The Invisible Birds of Central America by Craig Arnold

The Invisible Birds of Central Americaby Craig ArnoldFor Alicia PHOTO: Toucan, Costa Rica by Tanja Wilbertz on Pixabay, used by permission. NOTE: The toco toucan (Ramphastos toco), also known as the common toucan or giant toucan, is the largest and probably the best known species in the toucan family. It is found in semi-open habitats throughout a large part of central andContinue reading “The Invisible Birds of Central America by Craig Arnold”

At a Days Inn in Barstow, California by Chloe Honum

At a Days Inn in Barstow, California by Chloe Honum It’s dusk on a Tuesday in June. A hot wind       bears down and east. In my room, a stranger’s hairclip lies like a gilded insect beside the sink.       Hours later, it’s still dusk; it will be dusk all night. Last month, I cut the maskingContinue reading “At a Days Inn in Barstow, California by Chloe Honum”

ellwood beach, 1991 by Scott Ferry

ellwood beach, 1991 by Scott Ferry climb the 2 x 4s up the eucalyptus seesaw up to a platform 20 feet high then a friend grabs the twine (a tail attached to the thick umbilical cord pulsing 60 feet above) and throws it up and i reach out and snag the rope then i placeContinue reading “ellwood beach, 1991 by Scott Ferry”

The Shoe Tree by Mary Langer Thompson

The Shoe Treeby Mary Langer ThompsonFor Paula I don’t think I’ll ever seethis tree full of shoes again,but I have a photographshe sent, branches laden with tied-togethersneakers—maybe one pair was hers,and she slipped awayfrom that rented room in the mountainsto add to it—that would be like her—secretly flinging a pair of good shoesup into theContinue reading “The Shoe Tree by Mary Langer Thompson”

The Prague Astronomical Clock by Jonathan Fink

The Prague Astronomical Clock by Jonathan Fink Inside, it must resemble a great churning mouth, the three co-axial wheels, all with nearly 400 cogs. Ignore the trinkets and pawns, the puppet apostles that march but on the hour, the tiny skeleton striking the chimes. They all are additions, centuries late, to pacify travelers on theContinue reading “The Prague Astronomical Clock by Jonathan Fink”

I Am Reminded When Thinking by Andrena Zawinski

I Am Reminded When Thinkingby Andrena Zawinski“Prague doesn’t let go. This little mother has claws.”  Franz Kafka I am reminded, almost as if in whispersby weathered house plaques on backstreetsof Prague, that behind the damp and mustywalls, those of some importance once must have invented themselves above the rest of us herewho, ordinary, press ourContinue reading “I Am Reminded When Thinking by Andrena Zawinski”

PRAGUE SYMPHONY by Terrence Sykes

PRAGUE SYMPHONY by Terrence Sykes Prelude beech forests poplar meadows chestnut groves dusty roads slice fallowed fields birch embroidering streams through fog & mist amongst the stars almond & apricot lanterns papier-mâché poppy cosmos cling upon & amongst planets & moons beyond below descent & ascent confined by rail slats lullabied & cradled alone alongContinue reading “PRAGUE SYMPHONY by Terrence Sykes”

Alone in Barcelona by Ellaraine Lockie

Alone in Barcelona by Ellaraine Lockie I was forewarned about Barcelonian bandits Who specialize in stick-up artistry that rivals the genius in Picasso’s gallery and Gaudí’s buildings But I’m pilfered not by pickpockets But by an Ugly American complex that steals my security That incites anxiety of tyrant talk refusing to recognize any English FanningContinue reading “Alone in Barcelona by Ellaraine Lockie”

Madrid by Jennifer Lagier

Madridby Jennifer Lagier Policía wear blue uniforms, twirl submachine guns,form a mandatory reception line leading to the terminalwhere I’m divested of purse and belt, subjected to a full body scan. In the bullet train coach car, passengers sit, two by two.An attendant pushes a squeaky cart down the narrow aisle,dispenses espresso, newspapers, travel advice. GreenContinue reading “Madrid by Jennifer Lagier”

Spain by Major Jackson

Spainby Major Jackson     for Mark Strand Beneath canopies of green, unionists marched doggedlyoutside The Embassy. Their din was no matchfor light lancing through leaves of madrone treeslining the Paseo then flashing off glossy black Maybachsskidding round a plaza like a monarch fleeing the paparazzi.Your voice skipped and paused like a pencil.Layers of morning pastries flaked gingerlythen fell, softContinue reading “Spain by Major Jackson”