How to Cross a Street in Saigon by Tina Hacker

How to Cross a Street in Saigon by Tina Hacker Streets, sidewalks, hotel courtyards, storefront verandas, grassy swaths of park, any unoccupied spaces become stages for vehicles. Walk in a straight line, avoid swerving or stopping. Maintain an even tempo, a ballerina dancing to a baroque fugue, exact steps from one side to the other.Continue reading “How to Cross a Street in Saigon by Tina Hacker”

Alone in Barcelona by Ellaraine Lockie

Alone in Barcelona by Ellaraine Lockie I was forewarned about Barcelonian bandits Who specialize in stick-up artistry that rivals the genius in Picasso’s gallery and Gaudí’s buildings But I’m pilfered not by pickpockets But by an Ugly American complex that steals my security That incites anxiety of tyrant talk refusing to recognize any English FanningContinue reading “Alone in Barcelona by Ellaraine Lockie”