Indian Summer by Diane Glancy

Indian Summerby Diane Glancy There’s a farm auction up the road.Wind has its bid in for the leaves.Already bugs flurry the headlightsbetween cornfields at night.If this world were permanent,I could dance full as the squaw dresson the clothesline.I would not see winterin the square of white yard-light on the wall.But something tugs at me.The worldContinue reading “Indian Summer by Diane Glancy”

Indian River by Wallace Stevens

Indian Riverby Wallace Stevens The trade-wind jingles the rings in the nets around racks by the docks on Indian River.It is the same jingle of the water among roots under the banks of the palmettoes,It is the same jingle of the red-bird breasting the orange-trees out of the cedars.Yet there is no spring in Florida,Continue reading “Indian River by Wallace Stevens”

A Postcard from Greece by A.E. Stallings

A Postcard from Greeceby A.E. Stallings Hatched from sleep, as we slipped out of orbitRound a clothespin curve new-watered with the rain,I saw the sea, the sky, as bright as pain,That outer space through which we were to plummet.No guardrails hemmed the road, no way to stop it,The only warning, here and there, a shrine:SomeContinue reading “A Postcard from Greece by A.E. Stallings”

Jim’s All-Night Diner by James Tate

Jim’s All-Night Dinerby James Tate Solemnity around the samovarwarms the old interlopers: grief is momentarily rinsedaway. They wait as if fora certain invitation. The voices outside area panoply of scorn. These yellow thumbs haul upthe hot liquid, but whenthe cup’s drunk it is more like an orphanage.The dead letter department,the salvation army, the animal rescueContinue reading “Jim’s All-Night Diner by James Tate”

Return to Florence by Geoffrey Grigson

Return to Florenceby Geoffrey Grigson A theatre-sky, of navy blue, at night:traffic of the night, it darts, it screams,it is straight swifts of night with lightedeyes: upwards I read on a new building’s Face, Here P.B. Shelley wroteOde to the West Wind. Your poet, no. Normine, yet saw wind as he will or wind,oh, IContinue reading “Return to Florence by Geoffrey Grigson”

A Single Night in the City of Gold by Debora Greger

A Single Night in the City of Goldby Debora Greger In the lost city of gold that was Oroville,the golden age had come and gone.I was the only person in the vast movie house.What was showing that winter nightthirty years ago? The Gold Rush, of course,as if it had arrived in 1925 and never left.Continue reading “A Single Night in the City of Gold by Debora Greger”

Helsinki Window by Robert Creeley

Helsinki Window by Robert Creeley      for Anselm Hollo Go out into brightened space out there the fainter yellowish place it makes for eye to enter out to greyed penumbra all the way to thoughtful searching sight of all beyond that solid red both brick and seeming metal roof or higher black beyond the genial slopeContinue reading “Helsinki Window by Robert Creeley”

Blue Is Greece by Aliki Barnstone

Blue Is Greeceby Aliki Barnstone Blue is Greecewhere fishermen tame their boatsand islands standlike white monastery birdson the Greek flagof spinning blue,where the sky has few airplanesfloating like gods,and if one comesan angel drops a far banner. PHOTO: Patmos, Greece, by freesurf69, used by permission. 

Greece by David Ray

Greece by David Ray Approaching that fatalistic space behind all men and women (still holding their stone robes) you see that there is only one relationship; two figures in the foreground, one range of mountains in the immense distance, with nothing in between. Are you sure you can face it? Here we could learn toContinue reading “Greece by David Ray”