The Light on Sifnos by Barbara Quick

The Light on Sifnos by Barbara Quick How does one describe the light here in this place where the dawn really does have rosy fingers, where the mountains glow at night, their barren slopes a magnet for the radiance of moon and stars, Where whitewashed houses on the lowest slopes are strung like chalky pearlsContinue reading “The Light on Sifnos by Barbara Quick”

A Postcard from Greece by A.E. Stallings

A Postcard from Greeceby A.E. Stallings Hatched from sleep, as we slipped out of orbitRound a clothespin curve new-watered with the rain,I saw the sea, the sky, as bright as pain,That outer space through which we were to plummet.No guardrails hemmed the road, no way to stop it,The only warning, here and there, a shrine:SomeContinue reading “A Postcard from Greece by A.E. Stallings”

Blue Is Greece by Aliki Barnstone

Blue Is Greeceby Aliki Barnstone Blue is Greecewhere fishermen tame their boatsand islands standlike white monastery birdson the Greek flagof spinning blue,where the sky has few airplanesfloating like gods,and if one comesan angel drops a far banner. PHOTO: Patmos, Greece, by freesurf69, used by permission. 

Greece by David Ray

Greece by David Ray Approaching that fatalistic space behind all men and women (still holding their stone robes) you see that there is only one relationship; two figures in the foreground, one range of mountains in the immense distance, with nothing in between. Are you sure you can face it? Here we could learn toContinue reading “Greece by David Ray”