Recoleta by Lorraine Caputo

Recoletaby Lorraine Caputo In this gated     city within          the city     narrow calles          labyrinthineRest eternal souls of     doctors & founders          business moghuls     politicians, presidents          & heroes of forgotten wars(Their grumbling yet     resounds about, around          Evita’s tomb     where fresh flowers          are lain) Beneath their     Gothic spires, domes          beyond Doric columns     fine sculpture          Art Deco reliefsBehind façades of     dimmed black granite          of façades now crumbled     revealing eroded brick          eroded mortarBronze honor plaques     deep-greened          wrought-iron doors    rusting & cobweb-woven          panes shattered Stained glassContinue reading “Recoleta by Lorraine Caputo”

Ballad of Forgotten Places by Olga Orozco

Ballad of Forgotten Placesby Olga Orozco translated by Mary Crow My most beautiful hiding places,places that best fit my soul’s deepest colors,are made of all that others forgot. They are solitary sites hollowed out in the grass’s caress,in a shadow of wings, in a passing song;regions whose limits swirl with the ghostly carriagesthat transport theContinue reading “Ballad of Forgotten Places by Olga Orozco”