Japanese Brush-Strokes by Jun Fujita

Japanese Brush-Strokesby Jun Fujita TWO LEAVESUnder the scowling skyThe frozen sand-plain stretches.Curled and crisp, two leavesScud away. OBLIVIONThere is no time here.From giant trunks hoary mossHangs through the air of shadowy green.And cool drew drops. MISTAbove the settling mist,Above the phantom isles upon the settling mist,In the opalized moonlight,The whinny of a horse careers by.Continue reading “Japanese Brush-Strokes by Jun Fujita”

The Senses of Progress by David Dephy

The Senses of Progress by David Dephy I am walking on the Brooklyn Bridge now. I am listening to the trembling of the rivers. They say: “Remember us, the circumstances of the present and the past shape, the possibilities of progress.” I am walking on the Manhattan Bridge now. I am listening to the raysContinue reading “The Senses of Progress by David Dephy”

Circumambulation of Mt. Tamalpais by Andrew Hoyem

Circumambulation of Mt. Tamalpaisby Andrew Hoyem Those paths on the mountainside which neither ascend nor descendbut proceed at a level, are overgrown from disuseby human beings if ever they wentalong these routes. Animals and other spirits who do not disturb the foliage overheadwalk through the foothills, past the mountain,without observing its heights orthe surrounding depths.Continue reading “Circumambulation of Mt. Tamalpais by Andrew Hoyem”

Speaking of Iowa: The sun at noon by James Hearst

Speaking of Iowa: The sun at noon by James Hearst No country leads so softly to nowhere as those slow shoulders that curtain the horizon let us hold the sun at noon in this valley for morning will not come again. We will watch the trees grow up and the flowers stiffen and brightly dressedContinue reading “Speaking of Iowa: The sun at noon by James Hearst”

Although it is small it is greenstone by Louise Wallace

Although it is small it is greenstone by Louise Wallace I am orchids fruit trees I can bear more than you think I am a river stone and I choose a ring made of pounamu to remind me PHOTO: River in New Zealand by David Mark, used by permission. NOTE: Pounamu (or “greenstone“) are several typesContinue reading “Although it is small it is greenstone by Louise Wallace”

Recoleta by Lorraine Caputo

Recoletaby Lorraine Caputo In this gated     city within          the city     narrow calles          labyrinthineRest eternal souls of     doctors & founders          business moghuls     politicians, presidents          & heroes of forgotten wars(Their grumbling yet     resounds about, around          Evita’s tomb     where fresh flowers          are lain) Beneath their     Gothic spires, domes          beyond Doric columns     fine sculpture          Art Deco reliefsBehind façades of     dimmed black granite          of façades now crumbled     revealing eroded brick          eroded mortarBronze honor plaques     deep-greened          wrought-iron doors    rusting & cobweb-woven          panes shattered Stained glassContinue reading “Recoleta by Lorraine Caputo”

Rain by Frances Shaw

Rain by Frances Shaw When in the night the storm rises, I will run before it To the long shore, And there await the arms Slanting toward me— The strong gray arms of the rain. And I will lean on them, And be enchanted, And whispered to By the soft insistent voice Of the rain.Continue reading “Rain by Frances Shaw”

Kyoto: March by Gary Snyder

Kyoto: Marchby Gary Snyder A few light flakes of snowFall in the feeble sun;Birds sing in the cold,A warbler by the wall. The plumBuds tight and chill soon bloom.The moon begins firstFourth, a faint slice westAt nightfall. Jupiter half-wayHigh at the end of night-Meditation. The dove cryTwangs like a bow.At dawn Mt. Hiei dusted whiteOnContinue reading “Kyoto: March by Gary Snyder”

Volcanism by Jónas Þorbjarnarson

Volcanism  by Jónas Þorbjarnarson (1960-2012) Translation by Bernard Scudder We are the ever-changing earth always taking shape new maps immediately misleading new upheavals I was someone and then I met you. . . people change each other even cause eruptions within each other for deep down we are kindled, determined by all kinds of magmaticContinue reading “Volcanism by Jónas Þorbjarnarson”

Iceland, Summer by Rafaella Del Bourgo

Iceland, Summer by Rafaella Del Bourgo Returning to the apartment I rented in Reykjavik, I drive west past the fishing village of Hofn, its channel to be navigated with care due to the shifting patterns of the shoals. The rocking boats, and the seafarers, safe, for now, in the harbor. To the edge of Jokulsarlon,Continue reading “Iceland, Summer by Rafaella Del Bourgo”