All my rains by Rose Mary Boehm

All my rainsby Rose Mary Boehm IWarm rain in the Caribbean,giant bathtub abruptlyturned over by a tropical giant.Rain that hurts. Rain that washesaway topsoil, flattening crab claw,golden trumpet and scorpion orchid,leaving the waxrose gasping for air,fills all dents in the hotel patios.Tennis courts become square lakesof reddish, sandy mud. Every passingcar’s a drencher. Take offContinue reading “All my rains by Rose Mary Boehm”

Rain by Frances Shaw

Rain by Frances Shaw When in the night the storm rises, I will run before it To the long shore, And there await the arms Slanting toward me— The strong gray arms of the rain. And I will lean on them, And be enchanted, And whispered to By the soft insistent voice Of the rain.Continue reading “Rain by Frances Shaw”