I-70, Crossing Kansas by Sarah Russell

I-70, Crossing Kansas by Sarah Russell Asphalt casts a line to the horizon. It’s early May—wheat, a nascent green, and plowing started for the corn. Clouds loom like gargoyles in the west with slanted rain a hundred miles ahead. Billboards reading Quilt Cottage and Gove City Yarns share the berm with Jesus Saves. Stuckey‘s kitschContinue reading “I-70, Crossing Kansas by Sarah Russell”

Across Kansas by William Stafford

Across Kansasby William Stafford My family slept those level milesbut like a bell rung deep till dawnI drove down an aisle of sound,nothing real but in the bell,past the town where I was born. Once you cross a land like thatyou own your face more: what the lightstruck told a self; every rockdenied all theContinue reading “Across Kansas by William Stafford”