News Flash by Joan McNerney

News Flash by Joan McNerney Mickey Mouse was arrested 9/4/14 in Times Square. He was posing with a tourist and asked for money.* How dare Forty-Second Street be defiled by such an unsavory character! Donald Duck was not available for comment. Minnie Mouse escaped capture by hiding behind a large sanitation vehicle. She was visiblyContinue reading “News Flash by Joan McNerney”

San Francisco by Richard Brautigan

San Franciscoby Richard Brautigan This poem was found written on a paper bag by Richard Brautigan in a laundromat in San Francisco. The author is unknown. By accident, you putYour money in myMachine (#4)By accident, I putMy money in anotherMachine (#6)On purpose, I putYour clothes in theEmpty machine fullOf water and noClothes It was lonely.Continue reading “San Francisco by Richard Brautigan”

Butter by Andrea Cohen

Butterby Andrea Cohen I’ve never seen the landof milk and honey, but at the Iowa State Fair I glimpseda cow fashioned of butter. It lived behind a windowin an icy room, beneath klieg lights. I filed past as one filespast a casket at a wake. It was that sad: a butter cowwithout a butter calf.Continue reading “Butter by Andrea Cohen”