News Flash by Joan McNerney

times square 1 copy

News Flash
by Joan McNerney

Mickey Mouse was arrested
9/4/14 in Times Square.
He was posing with a tourist
and asked for money.*

How dare Forty-Second Street
be defiled by such an unsavory
character! Donald Duck was
not available for comment.

Minnie Mouse escaped capture by
hiding behind a large sanitation
vehicle. She was visibly shaken.
Humpty Dumpty tried to soothe her.

The Mayor of New York has had
enough of these high jinxes.
Cartoon characters may not
roam our streets unchecked.

All must be licensed and be
registered. Who knows what
criminal and possible terrorist
activity Frosty might provoke?

*This text is from an actual news item. Mickey was released after appearing in court. 

PHOTO: Costumed characters waiting to pose for photos. Times Square, New York City (Sept. 6, 2021). Photo by Jim Griffin.

times square hulk

NOTE: This article from New York magazine provides information about costumed characters arrested in Times Square.  This article from the New York Times offers insights into the lives of the people under the costumes.

Photo by Jeffrey Zeldman (4/21/2018).

mickey and minnie

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: When I saw this news article, I practically doubled over with laughter.  Before the virus, the city tried to change infamous Times Square to a family friendly zone.  Disney films were shown there.  Soon creative “street people” began dressing up as cartoon characters mostly to the delight of both tourists and New Yorkers.

Photo by Garden Beth (5/29/2010).


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Joan McNerney’s poetry is found in many literary magazines, such as Seven Circle Press, Dinner with the Muse, Poet Warriors, Blueline, and Halcyon Days, as well as in four Bright Hills Press anthologies, several editions of the  Poppy Road Review, and numerous Spectrum Publications.  Her latest title, The Muse In Miniatureis available on and She has four Best of the Net nominations.

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