Julene Tripp Weaver, Finding a Fal Café in Istanbul

Finding a Fal Café in Istanbulby Julene Tripp Weaver We drink healing sherbets—small aperitif drinks servedin shot glasses before a meal,between courses—a palate cleanser.Recipes from the Ottoman dynasty,fruit or flower petals: corneliancherry, grapes, roses, red poppy                                 sherbets.We try Turkish coffee,Continue reading “Julene Tripp Weaver, Finding a Fal Café in Istanbul”

The Turkish Bee by Laurel Trivelpiece

The Turkish Bee by Laurel Trivelpiece Like a furry screw a Turkish bee hovers Above our café table. Is he here: to plug up holes made by blind gods waving sieves? to celebrate this basket of fresh bread, balanced on a pinpoint of time rushing by? —to unwind his reality, one quick capsule, riding hisContinue reading “The Turkish Bee by Laurel Trivelpiece”

Closed by Lynn White

Closed by Lynn White It was a beautiful village, the sun was shining, the mountain air pure, a perfect place for a coffee. We could see two cafés, but the first we tried was closed, closed for a while by the looks. The second looked hopeful with tables and chairs outside but the door wasContinue reading “Closed by Lynn White”