Tasting Lucca by Joan Leotta

Tasting Luccaby Joan Leotta Humming Puccini, wewalk the wide path on topof Lucca’s circular walluntil we reach the market steps.I descend to buy red beans, farro,Parmigiano, tomatoes, pancetta.In our apartment,I blend and magnifyflavors with a bit of thyme.As our soup simmers,the aroma transports us frommodern Lucca to its days as aconquered Etruscan outpost ofRome, soldiersContinue reading “Tasting Lucca by Joan Leotta”

Iceland, Summer by Rafaella Del Bourgo

Iceland, Summer by Rafaella Del Bourgo Returning to the apartment I rented in Reykjavik, I drive west past the fishing village of Hofn, its channel to be navigated with care due to the shifting patterns of the shoals. The rocking boats, and the seafarers, safe, for now, in the harbor. To the edge of Jokulsarlon,Continue reading “Iceland, Summer by Rafaella Del Bourgo”